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Friday, February 14, 2014

Prayers are needed for our Tiny

I know that this is Valentine's Day and many of your will be celebrating, however, that will not be the case with me. This has been a difficult week and our soon to be one year old dachshund got sick on Tuesday night. She was trembling as I held her and she didn't want to be put down. She loves to be held so I didn't think too much of it.

Here she is Tuesday night when she didn't seem to well.
Eclectic Red Barn: Tiny in her Cozy Cave

That night she threw up about 4 times. I assumed that was the problem. She seemed almost normal in the morning but got more attached to me as the day went on and only wanted me to hold her. Once again I assumed that she was recovering from the affects of something bad she had eaten.

By early the next day, she was not doing well at all. Off to the vet and they put her on IV's. They thought she had pancreatitis. They close early on Thursday so we had to bring her home. That night we took her to the emergency room since she could not hold up her head and couldn't stand. They thought she had a toxin. Needless to say through all of this, I have been a basket case. She is so small, thus her name - Tiny. At 7 3/4 pounds, it really fits. 
Eclectic Red Barn: Tiny restiing after first round of fluids

This morning we took her to my daughter-in-law's vet friend and she is still there. She has neurological issues at this time. They thought that she would be better than she is. As we go into the weekend, we are not sure what will happen. 

As my husband and I were praying, we talked about the prodigal son and even though we have three other dachshunds at home, our focus on is the one that is not here. We would give anything to have her home and healthy. It is so terrible to see her this way. I feel so helpless. So if you could say a prayer for her, I would greatly appreciate it.

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