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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Cake Stand as a Vase?

Here is the story of how a pedestal cake stand became a vase.

I had four heart-shaped tins and I decided to make some heart shaped candles. I thought I might give them as gifts. 

Heart-shaped Tins

What to use for the candles. You know how when you want to do something, you want to do it now. Well, that was me! So I found four votives. I put them in a glass bowl over some boiling water in a saucepan and let them melt.

Melting Votives for Candles, using double broiler

After they melted, I removed the wicks and poured the melted wax into the heart tins. Fortunately, I had some small wicks to replaced the ones I removed. 

Heart-shaped Tin Candle

As I was waiting for them to cool, I decided to put away a cake stand that I had recently used, which belonged to my grandmother. I turned it up side down so as to be able to fit it in my buffet. (Too many things in there!) I looked at it and thought, "what a cute vase this would make." So I headed outside to pick flowers. I found a pretty rose that would work. 

When the candles were cool, I arranged them around the underside of the now upside down cake stand and then placed the rose (and water) in the now open base.  

Heart-shaped Tins as Candles with a Rose

Heart-shaped Tins as Candles

This was nice, but it was missing something. I went back to my buffet to see what else I could find. I found these heart-shaped paper doilies. 

Heart-shaped Paper Doilies

I placed them under the heart shaped tins. The result looked much better.  My rose was fading so back outside for some more flowers. This time I decided to use some ground orchids and heather. I also included another purplish plant (have no idea what it is).  I even placed some of the heather around the tins.

Cake Stand as Valentine's Day Vase with Ground orchids

It still needed something. I found a quilted, heart shaped place mat. Now it seemed to be complete and ready for Valentine's Day. That's how my pedestal cake stand became, a vase.

Cake Stand as Valentine's Day Vase with Heart-shaped Mat

I am using it on my coffee table, but with the dark wood background, the pictures is a little dark.    Therefore, I took most of the pictures on my kitchen table.

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