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Friday, January 4, 2013

Blooming Pink in Florida!

This week I was so excited to see that my roses are beginning to bloom. Roses seem to love this Florida weather.(This time of year it is just perfect!) 

Variegated Pink Rose
I have roses most of the year which is great. I have three planted on the side of my barn and they like it there. The colors include a variegated pink rose, a lavender rose and a red one.
I only buy ones that have a great smell. I hate the ones that look beautiful, but when you smell them, nothing!

Variegated Pink Rose
I took this picture right after we had a shower. You can even see a small water droplet on the top of the petal.
Variegated Pink Rose Bud
This rose bud looks like it is suspended in air. Check out the droplets on it. It was great timing. However, it didn't take long for the moisture to dry with the sun out. 

Variegated Pink Rose
The roses were changing as I continued to take pictures. On the one above, the sun is behind the trees, peeking through. On the next one, the sunlight is beginning to highlight the rose.

Variegated Pink Rose
Finally, the rose is bathed in sunlight and has drunk all of the rain water. 

Variegated Pink Rose
The lavender and red rose also have buds on them. The weekend should be blooming rose!

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