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Friday, January 11, 2013

Delicate Purple Flowers

Is it a creature moving gently under the water, or is it small bugs on the tips of a plant?

For the first time since I moved here, one of my tropical plants, which I think might be a Ti plant (Cordyline fruticosa "Sherbert"), is blooming. It has these delicate purple flowers with white stamens with yellow tips. I was so excited to see it bloom and with such lovely flowers. 

Flowering Tropical Plant

The plant is not all that lovely in my opinion. However, it does quite well here in Florida and the leaves have many different of colors.

Flowering Tropical Plant
In the picture above you can see reddish-purple-green leaves on the plant.

Flowering Tropical Plant with Teal Leaves
In this picture some of the leaves actually look teal in color. One stem of the purple flowers is starting to die. They don't seem to last very long. Two days after I took this shot most of the flowers had dropped.

Flowering Tropical Plant
In this last picture, various colors of the leaves can be seen surrounding the delicate purple flowers.

I hope you enjoy viewing these pictures as much as I did taking them. 

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