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Monday, March 25, 2013

Have you tried Bar Keepers Friend?

Have you ever seen a piece of silver or brass and thought, I like it but it is in bad shape. Well, all of the pieces that you see below were those kind of pieces(one is missing from this picture) - some more than others. I got all of them for $2 so I said, what the heck!

                                I brought the pieces home and grabbed the Bar Keepers Friend.
                                I love this stuff and if you have never tried it, I suggest that you do.

Sometimes I like the aging silver pieces and then there are times, when they really do need to be cleaned. I find they develop a great look once I clean them and just let them age again. 
You can find it in most stores and it comes in a powder and liquid form. I have both and used the liquid on these pieces.   It is great to clean pots and pans, gets out rust, works on porcelain, etc. 

First item was a silver tray. You can see the difference in these two pictures. 

                                         After                                                                                         Before

The second item was a brass bowl. 

                                  Before                                                                          After

The third item I picked was a Benedict sugar bowl. 

                                 Before                                                                         After                                      

The last item in the group was a silver candlestick holder.

                                                        Before                                                                       After

Sorry about the glare, but the sun is shinning and providing a glare. The candlestick holder was in the worst condition and turned out beautifully.  Here are all of the cleaned pieces.

I just love how they turned out. Now, you may not get ALL of the grime off and some pieces may not clean up well. It will depend on what it is made of. However, most things clean up nicely. I use it on all of my pots and pans to make the bottoms shine.

So if you have never tried it, you might want to pick some up and find a crusty piece of silver and see what treasure you uncover.

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