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Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Vignette

You know when they say "the gift that keeps on giving!" well, my junk pile finds are just that. A while back I told you about all the great finds that my neighbors through out. Another remake from my junk pile items. This time it is a white picture frame that I decided to use for Valentine's Day. 
My husband says, "I can't let anything go to the land fill". Well, it really does bother me that so many items can be re-purposed and I am glad to do my part.

Heart frame with small pitchers and rose

I was actually surprised that the glass wasn't cracked when I pulled it out. It was dirty however, but all it needed was to be cleaned.  It was a very nondescript frame - paint would change that.

White frame from junk pile

I painted the frame pink and when it was dry, added a second coat of CeCe Caldwell Vintage White Chalk paint. Once that was dry, I removed some of the white paint to reveal the pink below. Since the color is so light, it was difficult to get a good picture of the frame's new color.

Showing the pink with white painted frame
Next, I added a doily and used the glass from the frame to secure it in the back. I had a metal heart that I got from Michaels and added a pink ribbon and a cluster of silk roses. 

Pink Frame with lace background and heart with slik roses
The image below is a close up of the cluster of roses I used on the metal heart. 

Silk roses added to a metal heart

Then it was time to add some additional accessories. 

Rose with little pink pitchers
These little pink pitchers are so cute and looked great with my heart frame. As I was walking back from my barn, this lovely rose was calling to me so I added it.

Framed heart with small pink pitchers

Vintage quilted hearts
I actually forgot that I had these two heart pillows. You can tell that the white one has some serious wear - don't you love it?

 Vintage quilted hearts with framed metal heart and small pink pitchers

 This shot didn't have the rose in it, but there is nothing like a rose on Valentine's Day

Vintage quilted hearts, framed metal heart, small pink pitchers,and varigated rose

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