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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crocheted Purse as a Vase

Well as you can see from the image that I did not turn a crocheted purse into a real vase, but instead used it as a framed vase.

Vintage Frame with Crocheted Purse as a Vase

However, I did combine a vintage frame and a vintage crocheted purse into a vase so to speak. I found this frame at a yard sale just as is. They had painted it brown. I thought about repainting it but then decided to keep it for a while.
I may paint it later.It has a few chips and is banged up, but for 50 cents you can't go wrong. I love picture frames. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but you never know what you might do with one.You will be seeing others.

Vintage frame painted brown
First I cut some foam core to fit the back. I had to use two pieces to make it fit tight. Foam core is great since I could pin items to it. 

I covered the foam with some lace that I had. I just glued it to the back of the foam core. 

I have several of these vintage crocheted purses in various sizes so I thought one of these would be great on this frame. I just used a couple of pins to secure it to the foam core. I added some tissue paper to make the purse "puff" out but didn't like the look. Droopy seemed better.

Vintage Crocheted Purse

I found some silk flowers to put into the crocheted "vase". 

It still needed something. so I checked out my vintage earrings. I found these gold ones that are clip-on. This will make it easy to attach to the crocheted purse - just loop them over.  

Vintage clip-on earrings
I had folded down the top of the purse, so I hooked them into this area. 

Vintage crocheted purse with vintage earrings

Vintage crocheted purse with clip-on earrings and silk flowers
So here is my "little crocheted vase"

Vintage frame with crocheted purse, clip-on earrings and silk flowers

Well, here is my 50 cent framed crocheted vase completed.  I had all of the materials, although I did pay for the vintage crocheted purse - years ago.

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