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Friday, August 2, 2013

Will I ever get this couch slipcover done?

I haven't been blogging much the past two weeks. I have been sewing and sewing, and then some more sewing. Whew!! My daughter just moved to LA.  She went from a small town in Vermont to LA. What a major change! She has this couch with a beige slip cover on it and wanted to get a new one. Well, there are times when you should keep your mouth shut - I think this time was one of those. I volunteered to make one for her couch being the good mother that I am. How hard could it be?

Eclectic Red Barn: Slip covered red couch

I had made the one above for my couch last year and it wasn't too bad. My first time to make a slip cover. I was able to fit it and make adjustments as I went. NOT this time. The couch is in LA and I am in Florida. No adjustments can be made. What was I thinking?

I have 6 pages of notes and diagrams, dimensions and comments and tons of images. I am not sure how they are helping.

I cut and measure and then measure some more. I had to make the seat cushions twice since somehow I measured wrong - too short!

I am almost done with it and have no idea if it will fit or not. It looks good!  My couch is bigger than hers so I use it some as a guide but can't really rely on it. I have until Tuesday, Aug. 6th to finish it. We leave for Vermont to visit the grand kids and then when I come back, I take it to LA to see if all my effort was worth it. If you don't see any pictures of it, you will know why.  
Wish me luck! I think I will need it.

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