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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ramped Up Sconces

Eclectic Red Barn: Wrought Iron Sconces Revved Up
Did you ever go to a garage sale and bought something because you felt bad about not buying something. Crazy right! Well, I went to this yard and this older gentleman had a lot of stuff - sort of- but no buyers. I was going to leave but he smiled and I thought there must be something I could purchase.

I spotted two wrought iron sconces that maybe I could do something with. He was asking $1.00 for both so I said OK and he smiled. (While I was there, still no one arrived.) 

Eclectic Red Barn: Wrought Iron Sconces
I liked the sconces but not the candle holders at the bottom. What to do with those? They were spot welded on so they would not come off easy. I rummaged through my Dremel to find a  metal cutting blade that might cut them off. The hard part was trying to hold the sconce and the dremel and cut at the same time. I was almost done with one when my husband came home and saved me.  He was able to remove both of them. 

I decided to spray them with Rustoleum Vintage White. It took a couple of coats. When they were dry, I rubbed some dark walnut stain on them and then wiped most of it off.

Eclectic Red Barn: Painted Wrought Iron Sconces

I wanted to add some candle holders but I wanted them to be "special". I found these small glass votives among my stash. You can get them at most craft stores. I decided to wrap jute around them. I started at the bottom by gluing the jute and then continued around up the votive. 

Eclectic Red Barn: Small Glass Votives

Here are the two votives completely covered in jute.

Eclectic Red Barn: Jute Wrapped Glass Votives

Although they look good, they are a little too plain. So I found some lace and made a rose type flower for each one from some burlap ribbon.

Eclectic Red Barn: Jute Wrapped Votives with Lace and Fabric Flower

I liked the way they looked now. I glued them to the sconces. I still wanted something else. I found these stars that I bought in Vermont and decided to wrap them at the top of the sconces. I decided not to glue them, in case I wanted to remove them later.

Eclectic Red Barn: Tin Star on top of Sconce

 Here is the completed sconce.

Eclectic Red Barn: Painted Sconce with Jute Wrapped Votive as Candleholder

Here are the two completed sconces.

Eclectic Red Barn: Painted Sconces with Jute Votives as Candleholders

Here are the before and after pictures. 

Eclectic Red Barn: Before and After Shots of Wrought Iron Sconces

Not sure if I will keep these. I will probably sell them. 

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