Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Mini Basket Favors

I wanted to make some little Easter baskets to place on the table for the kids. I had already made Crocheted Candle Holder favors for the adults. If you missed that post, you can see it here. 

I found these mini Chinese take-out boxes at the Dollar Store and thought they would be perfect. They were so colorful and  spring like. 
Eclectic Red Barn: Easter Mini Box Favors

Friday, April 11, 2014

Crocheted Candle Holders

I whipped up these crocheted "sleeves" for some candle holders as little Easter favors for the adults on their plates. I have something else for the kids.
Eclectic Red Barn: Crocheted Easter sleeves for candles
I had no idea how to do it, I just started. I wish I had the exact pattern but sort of created it as I went.I don't think any two are alike. I will try to tell you the best I can.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tea for the Birds?

Who says the birds don't like their feed in fancy cups? Well maybe they don't, but I like to hang something fancy for them to eat from. I love to pick up cheap cups and saucers and when I found this one, I decided to make a bird feeder out of it.
Eclectic Red Barn: Cup & Saucer Bird Feeder with Silk Flowers

Wait, that is not a bird feeder, where is the seed?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Chocolate Ganache-filled Macaroons

It seems like for ever since I wrote a post. I admire all of you that post everyday or almost everyday. Our Tiny has been such a focus for me and when she takes a turn for the worst, it is hard to deal with. She requires so much of my time. They have no idea why she is fine and then it starts all over again. So back to the hospital she goes today.

So what does Tiny have to do with Chocolate Ganache-filled Macaroons. Absolutely nothing. I had some extra time this week (wow, what a treat!) and since I haven't sent in goodies to my husband's work, I thought I would do a little baking. 
Eclectic Red Barn: Chocolate Ganache-filled Macaroons

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tiny - Our Little Miracle!

Sorry to post again about Tiny, but it has been a month since our Tiny went into the hospital so to speak. What an ordeal! It is like having a very sick child. Maybe this sounds funny, but that is how we feel about her. In a previous post, Tiny was doing better and scheduled to come home when she had another spell.
Eclectic Red Bar: Doxies Tiny decked out in pink