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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tabebuia or Trumpet Tree

What a lovely tree this is. Its full name is Tabebuia caraiba and grows from central Florida southward. In the spring it produces clusters of yellow trumpet flowers.

It will bloom for about a month. As the blooms drop, you will see a blanket of yellow on the ground. Unfortunately, my husband decided to cut the grass right before I started taking my pictures - no blanket!

Now this tree is rather unusual from everyone else's tree - it does not stand up straight like it should. Ours comes out of the ground and starts up and then bends over. At some places, it is not more than a couple of feet off the ground. My husband is always cutting it back so he can get his riding lawn mover under it without taking off his head :)

Once it is done blooming, the leaves will fall and then it will come back.

Check out my See Rock City bird house. I think the geckos spend more time in there than the birds.

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